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Beginners Guide to Yoga


Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your overall physical strength, whether you do your regular routine exercise or completely new to physical exercise. Yoga has multiple benefits for your physical and mental health. 

Yoga is for everyone and does not matter on your skill. It can increase strength, flexibility, and stability in your body. Yoga can be started in a class type of setup or at Home. One of the major requirements for yoga is suitable Yoga Wear that can provide you complete support and comfort while you are practicing. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is known as a form of exercise in western culture but it is a practice from ancient Indian culture and began thousand of years ago. Traditionally yoga was performed with the aim of unifying body, mind, and spirit and gain mental peace. 

Yoga which is practiced in western culture today is known as “Hatha Yoga” which is one of the elements of Yoga. As the name suggests, Hatha Yoga is a Yoga practice that requires physical poses. Some of the Hatha Yoga practices are pranayam, asanas, and dhyani.  

Benefits of Yoga

There are many health benefits form yoga including increased strength and fitness to improved mood and mental health. Some of the great benefits of Yoga are

Increased Flexibility and Mobility

  • Better Posture
  • Improved Muscle Strength

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Improved mood and Brain Function

  • Better Stress Management

Getting Started with Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is not a very difficult practice to learn but it takes its time to get used to the poses and follow a proper procedure for every practice. If you are completely new to yoga, taking some online classes will be very much helpful.

Other than the classes there are few things you should keep in mind before starting yoga.

Getting Comfortable

One of the important aspects before starting yoga is you should be comfortable and at ease. Your yoga wear plays a major role in getting yourself comfortable. Some people prefer activewear for their sessions while some prefer loose-fitting clothes. You should ensure that your clothing allows you to move freely while you are practising. Wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Fityogi has all kinds of yoga wear which can make you comfortable while doing Yoga.

Setting up your Space

Before you get started, another thing you should consider is the space where you will practice. You can select any place in your bedroom, drawing room or any open space but it should be free from distraction and should be comfortable for you to easily move around.

The last thing you will require is a good Yoga mat. There are lots of mats available but you should select a mat with a good grip so that it does not slide around while you are doing your yoga. 

How often should you do Yoga?

Yoga is not like your regular workout at the Gym. How often you practice the yoga completely depends on you. However, if you want to see quick results from yoga for your physical body as well as the mind, do it more often.

Yoga classes or online sessions will be approximately for one hour or sometimes more, but if you are practising at home you can create a 20-30 minutes flow. 

Can you do yoga and build Strength? 

Why not!! You can absolutely do yoga and build up muscle, but it depends on the type of yoga you are doing. There are some yoga classes which are physically demanding and will build up muscle.

A gentle style of yoga such as “Yin” will build up flexibility more than strength whereas faster paced more intense yogas like “Vinyasa” will increase flexibility while building up full-body strength.

As a beginner, you might not know various things and where to start for your yoga practice. You first might need to practice some basic poses and then gradually move towards different types of Yoga based on your need and liking.  

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