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What Should Men Wear To Yoga Classes?


Yoga Wear is more about how you feel than how you look and you don’t need a toned torso to get on to the yoga mat. Although it’s correct that men are still a minority about yoga classes, but increased from 10% in 2010 to 30% today. Originally yoga was started by Brahmin caste and man taught to another man or a boy but today women are more into physical fitness and most of the yoga classes look like a female makeover.

But no matter who you are, the yoga community will give you a warm welcome whenever you wish to be a part of that community. So pack your bags and get ready for Yoga classes today.

What type of clothes Men should wear to Yoga Classes?

Yoga wear is similar to your gym clothes to some extent, it should be breathable and comfortable. 

But unlike the gym, yoga involves more bending and stretching and than your gym session, so your yoga clothes should be easy to move in and should have ample room so that it supports your practice.

Bottom Wear


Men’s Yoga shorts are the best bottom to wear to stay cool while practising Yoga. The shorter length and minimal fabric will allow you to move around more freely. At the same time, you will be doing a lot of bending, so you will require extra support and also you will want to avoid any embarrassing overexposure.


Yoga pants are very similar to joggings bottoms, except that they are more tight-fitting which supports your body while bending and stretching. Some of our satisfied customers share their experience that which type of yoga pant is suitable. Firstly, a drawstring is handy - you can tighten it during your class for certain poses or if your bottoms feel loose.

Second, avoid bottoms with zips on the reverse, the zip will annoy you in the poses where your back touches the ground. 

Selecting your bottom wear will also depend on the type of exercise you will be doing. For example, while doing power yoga or vinyasa, where there is a ton of movement, shorts will keep you cooler, less sweaty and more comfortable. Pants can be perfect for Yin yoga where you are in a cool room with a few key poses.

Whether you opt for yoga leggings or pants or shorts, the key is you should feel comfortable.

Top Wear

For choosing men yoga top wear, we recommend some tight-fitting clothes, which will stay true to your body. However, if you do not like tight-fitting clothes, a number of baggier options are also available like yoga tank tops or loose t-shirts. With tops, always choose a moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from your body. Also, avoid cotton, unless you are in cool or low movement class as it clings to sweat, not pleasant. Try to select a long enough top so that you can tuck it in your bottom wear to avoid any kind of body exposure while you are doing up-down poses.  

3 Tips for Men’s Yoga Wear  

  1. Quality over Quantity
    Your investment in a few good quality pieces will indeed pay off in terms of durability. Yoga gear should last for years, not months.

  1. It’s all about Size Choosing yoga wear that’s sized just right is important. Too loose and excess fabric can distract you. Too tight and you’ll be struggling to flex into poses.
  1. Try before you buy

Try on yoga gear to ensure it ticks more than the ‘looks good’ box. Practice a pose or three to check you can get into the full range of yoga movement.


Where to Get Men’s Yoga Clothing?

There is always this one question on the mind of people that where to go to get Men’s Yoga Clothing as it’s not as readily available as for women’s. 

Men’s Yoga Clothing is available at some sports outlet, other than the outlet you can easily get your yoga clothes delivered through some online vendors like Fityogi. 

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