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This is Why Men Should Start Yoga


The majority of men still think that yoga isn’t for men, only for super bendy, top-knot sporting girls. That’s what major of social media and other articles portrays but it's not like that in real life. Yoga is for everyone. 

In any yoga studio, you will find the majority of yogis to be female and as a man, you might find yourself in lower numbers, but the number is gradually increasing as men are understanding the benefits of yoga. Don’t think about your flexibility and all because you will be flexible and with the time after you start yoga.

Here are 5 reasons why men should start yoga practice-

  1. It’s much more than you think!

First thing you should be aware that a thousand years ago, yoga was originally practised by men. It was designed by men, for men. A lot of guys think that yoga is slow and calm practise and does not require much of a physical exercise but that’s not the case. There are various types of yoga practices which includes both high-intensity workouts such as Vinyasa and calm workout like Yin. So if you are worried that Yoga will be waste of your time or it will not physically demanding enough for you, give it a try once and then decide. 

  1. It will make you better at whatever you do!

Yoga is not only about physical exercise but also mental peace. Whether you're into physical activity work or computer work, yoga will help you to get better at it. If you are strong, it will help you in flexibility or if you are flexible, it will make you strong. Mentally also it will help you to handle all the pressure and stress from your work so you can be best at whatever you do. 

  1. You don’t have to wear tight clothes 

Don’t think that you have to only wear tight clothes while doing yoga. You can wear whatever you feel you would be comfortable in. There is no dress code for yoga. You can also wear your gym clothes without shoes and socks. Fityogi has a wide variety of yoga wear to select from. You can choose loose or tight clothes depending on your liking. If you still doubt what you should wear, then check out our blog on the same here

  1. Spending time on the mat will change your day

We understand that everyone is very busy in their hectic lives and working day and night chasing our dreams. We are buried under tasks and don’t have much time to spare for another work. But taking out a few minutes from our hectic lives for the yoga mat will make a whole lot of difference in our day to day life. It’s like pressing a reset button and you will be so much refreshed and will return to your daily job so much rejuvenated and relaxed body as well as mind. We are sure that you will be surprised how easy things will become for you once you start practising yoga.  

  1. Get to Know Yourself Better

We understand that men have a lot of pressure to stay strong and tough. But before entering for yoga sessions, you should keep that tough-guy exterior aside. Yoga is not a competition. In yoga session, it's only you and your mat evolving and exploring yourself. It's not like a gym, who can do more deadlifts or who can hold more weight. You can do yoga along with your weight sessions. You can be part of both the worlds.

So by now, we guess you are motivated to start your first yoga session. The next thing you will require is a mat and good quality comfortable yoga wear. Fityogi is a one-stop destination to get all kind of yoga wear as per your requirement and liking.