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A faceless entity – Nah! that’s not who we are at Fit Yogi. We have with us YoBabaGi – a Yogi, gyaani, and above all a fitness enthusiast. Our YoBabaGi (/yo-baba-ji/) is all heart when it comes to sharing his fitness mantras, Yoga practices, and all things related to physical and mental well-being. But hey! Don’t take YoBabaGi for an ancient Yog guru. Though he is inspired by traditional Yogis but his traits and characters very well match those of what we call ‘Millenials.’ Are you bored? YoBabaGi has oodles of memes to share. Do you want to hear a couplet today? Well, Well, Well, let YoBabaGi turn his ‘writer mode’ on. Looking forward to some travelling advice? Who else could lend you a helping hand than our YoBabaGi who is a quintessential globetrotter! From your shayaris cravings to your learning to know Yoga asanas, YoBabaGi is here to share his pearls of wisdom with everyone. So, brace yourself to take a plunge in the knowledge, fun, and wit of the coolest Yoga Enthusiast in the house – YoBabaGi.


About Us

Yoga is a group of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual practices and is originated in India long ago. If yoga comes from India, then the true yoga wear must be developed with Indian Culture in India.

Yoga Clothing might seem like a trivial thing to talk about. Don’t mistake it for an object of identity or style. It’s not a uniform like that of a cop or lawyer or a doctor and also not a fashion statement. In Yoga clothing, the main key is comfort, look, and feel are secondary.

To respect the Yoga, Fit Yogi is here to provide you with a complete range of true ethnic yoga wear. Our clothes and its fabric is designed to enhance your Yoga experience and have full benefits of your practice.

Our range of apparel is not your regular sportswear as we know that it’s not the correct kind of wear for your practice. We aim to free your body so that your mind can focus by providing you soft and stretchable clothes, neither too tight nor too loose. We are committed to making good quality, ethically made, and sourced fitness apparel. We believe that it is possible to create positive changes with small efforts.

Apparels designed by Fit Yogi is made with Spandex that guarantees utmost comfort during your yoga practice. They have been uniquely engineered to have at least 20% better stretch and recovery than your conventional cotton elastane.

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Why Us?


Apparels at Fit Yogi are very much breathable which provides great comfort during your practice. It allows your body to precipitate and have good moisture wickability.

Ultra Soft

Our clothes are designed in such a way that you feel ultra-soft and light when you wear them. Our motive is to keep all your focus on your yoga rather than on your clothes.

Seam Strength

Fit Yogi tests each piece before delivering it to you for its stitching and strength so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product and can purchase your favourite clothes blindly.


Although comfort is the primary key for any kind of yoga clothes, we know everyone always looks for trendy and good design clothes. We always design clothes with good styling and update them along with the trend.


Size is one of the most important parameters while selecting your clothes. We do not make skin clingy sizes nor are they so loose and baggy that you look like a sack. We just give it perfect cuts so it provides you comfort like a second skin.

Value for Money

Our every product is tested thoroughly at Fit Yogi and they can withstand long hours of yoga practices and have a long life due to its amazing build quality and material. So every product you buy at Fit Yogi provides you with very good value for money.

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